Our Story

Hi Friends,

Thank you for dropping by - I'm so glad you're here!

dorothy founder selfie

I'm Dorothy, founder and designer behind Dotted Line. I'm what you would call a solopreneur - I handle everything from designing, social media to packing your orders. I am also a mum of three.

Never in a million years growing up would I have expected to be running a business, much less one in fashion. My childhood dream was to work in the world of finance, & my first job after graduation was in an American bank.

It did not seem to be the right fit, and I made the brave (foolhardy?) decision to do a career transition at the ripe old age of 30. I swapped my suits for jeans, & launched myself into full time fashion design studies. I learned how to sketch, draft & sew from scratch with classmates almost half my age.

Fast forward, Dotted Line cheongsams was launched in January 2018, and has evolved into what you see today.

Why Cheongsams?

May I say - I just feel so proud when I wear a cheongsam? I almost think I automatically stand taller & straighter. It's part of my cultural heritage, and it's a truly iconic and timeless piece of clothing.

I want to breathe new life into cheongsams, so we can still enjoy these special pieces without feeling dated or out of place in today's fashion context.