Dotted Line, the story continues


Can you believe we're in the second quarter of 2024?!

I said I'd share more about the Dotted Line story, so here goes.

Let’s start from the Dotted Line you see today - our line of cheongsams was launched 18 January 2018. The photo above is from an early popup we did at a Keepers event at the Singapore Design Centre.

You might have noticed, our logo shows a dress, rather than a cheongsam. Well, Dotted Line launched way before cheongsams made an appearance.

We first launched in 2006 at MAAD (Market of Artists & Designers), housed at the Red Dot Design Museum at Maxwell. The debut collection was stocked at the charming, full-of-personality Swirl boutique (who remembers? 🙋‍♀) at the then Stamford House, before it turned into the Capitol Kempinski hotel.

Back then, Dotted Line was about pretty feminine dresses 👗, polka dotted skirts & ruffled blouses. I still have most of the original collection! Should I showcase them here sometime? I started with just a few key pieces - most of the fabrics were sourced locally, supplemented with others I hunted down during overseas trips. The clothes were all made in Singapore - something you seldom hear of now.

Those were the days where there was no social media 😱 - a website & email list sufficed for a small business. Between 2006 & 2018, I launched another label, nursing & maternity wear brand DOTE. I know quite a few of you were customers back then and still are today - I'm amazed and ever grateful for your support! 

Thank you for reading - I hope you enjoyed hearing about our journey. Please drop me a line at if you have any questions or suggestions on what you'd like to see here. I'd love to hear from you!

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