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How did I get into the business of designing clothes, you ask? Not intentionally, for sure! I studied business in university, but harboured zero ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur, much less one in fashion. There was a module in Uni called “Entrepreneurship” which I did not take (no interest)! For as long as I could remember, I wanted a career in Finance. I chose to major in Finance, although I fared much better at marketing.

Before graduation, I snagged a position at a US investment bank - thrilled I’d landed my dream job. I soon realized I didn’t enjoy my work or the “glitzy” world of finance as much as I imagined. It was a great learning environment, and a place where I made many good friends, but I felt increasingly unsettled in my work.

That drove me to look for a creative outlet, and I soon found myself taking lessons at a dressmaking school called Kadomay in Chinatown. My teacher, Lydia, was a lovely, gentle lady who had studied dressmaking in Hong Kong. She taught out of a small unit at the Furama City Centre shopping annex. I would go for lessons after work, and even on weekends. The first garment I made was an A-line skirt with fabric from the neighbouring Market Street fabric market.

Class was very relaxed, everyone worked at their own pace with Lydia guiding us. It was my happy place & I always looked forward to lessons. It was at Kadomay that I met Evelyn & Suzanne - they were fast friends & huge vintage fans. They had plans to start their own fashion label & would work on their designs in class. I remember being awed by their sense of style & creations – so feminine, fun & pretty! They even had the perfect brand name for their retro inspired designs – Swirl. 

I didn't realise it then, but Swirl (Evelyn & Suzanne) would soon play a crucial role in my venture into the fashion business.


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